William Bartruff - Maker of fine violins, violas and cellos since 1972.

William announces the launch of his new violin makers school Violin Guild of America scheduled to open September 12, 2011. Please visit his new website to see more information.

William's stringed instruments are played by some of America's best musicians, including several violas in the Chicago Symphony.

William faithfully restores fine instruments and bows. For information on preserving the scarce resource, pernambuco, please read this article.

Our Featured Instrument

William Bartruff 2010 cello

c. 1701
David Techler

Violin outfits starting from just $20000 including bow and case!

We know you'll find our instruments of the highest quality. In fact, we're so confident we want to provide you with a listing of other violin makers and stringed instrument sites so that you're sure you've found just the right instrument for you!

Read William's articles discussing issues important to the violin maker.