As I attempted to make this list, I was hoping to narrow the scope for those who contact me and are searching for something but invariably don't know where to begin. But rather than narrow the scope, I find the list keeps growing and growing. Who to include? Who to exclude? Such a quandary.

To answer these questions, I decided that those who provide quality information that is readily available, in my humble opinion, are here. My apologies if I've neglected anyone.

But, if you want to be added to this list, please drop us a line. We may be inclined to include you as well, but again, the list should not be needlessly overwhelming.


American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers

"...sponsors exhibitions as a forum for makers, musicians and the general public to meet and exchange information regarding instruments and the performing arts."

American Viola Society *

" an association for the promotion of viola performance and research."

Australian Strings Association

" a professional association of players and makers of bowed string instruments which promotes excellence in all aspects of performance, teaching, conducting and string instrument making."

British Violin Making Association

" raise the standard of skill and expertise of makers and restorers; to share information among makers and restorers; to promote the craft to the general public; and to promote fellowship among all those interested in violins and bows."

Canadian Viola Society

" a society for violists and viola enthusiasts."

Guild of American Luthiers

"... is a non-profit educational membership advance the craft of string instrument making and repair (lutherie), through a free exchange of information."

International Society of Bassists

" an organization for those who teach, study, play, repair, build and enjoy the double bass."

International Viola Society

" a non-profit organization that promotes and supports activities that serve the common good for all friends of the viola."

Internet Cello Society

"...seeks to advance the knowledge and joy of cello playing around the world."

Pacific Association of Violin Makers

"...was formed as a meeting place and forum for independent violin makers and as a vehicle for education, communication and promotion of makers, players and teachers within the region."

Viola da Gamba Society of America

" a not-for-profit national organization dedicated to the support of activities relating to the viola da gamba in the United States and abroad."

Violin Guild of America *

"...mentors and trains those students who wish to become Violin Makers."

Violin Makers Association of Arizona International

" a non-profit, educational organization founded, in 1958, to encourage and develop the art of violin making."

Violin Society of America *

"...reflects a broad range of interests and concerns of those interested in violins and the art of making instruments and bows of the violin family."

Violin Makers Lists/Directories

Open Directory Project

" the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web."

Violin & Bow Makers with Homepages

"...contains a listing of links to a continually growing number of violin and bow makers who have homepages on the web."

Worldwide Violin Makers Listing *

"...lists hundreds of links to violin makers from around the world."


Antonio Stradivari: His Life and Work

by William H. Hill, Arthur F. Hill, Alfred E. Hill. ©1902,1963

Double Bassist

"...the quarterly music magazine for double bass teachers, students, players and makers."

Montagnana Books

"...books, autographs, photos and collectibles. Specializing in the violin family."


" the magazine for players of bowed stringed instruments."

Strobel Books on Violin Making

Popular series of books for violin, viola, cello and bass.

The Strad

"...a monthly classical music magazine for all strings enthusiasts including violinists, violists and cellists."

Violin Restoration: A Manual for Violin Makers

by Hans Weisshaar, Margaret Shipman. ©1988

Online Reference Material

Encylopedia Smithsonian: Violins

Details famous violin makers such as Stradivari, Amati and da Salo.

Guarneri Family of Musical Instrument Makers

"...five members of the Guarneri family made violins across three generations in Cremona in North Italy. The first instrument maker of the family was Andrea Guarneri, (b. 1626; d. 1698)..."


Hosts a very active forum for discussing all aspects of stringed instruments. Additionally, this site offers listings of stolen instruments, instruments for sale, violin dealers and violin makers.

The Violin

"...unveiling the mystery behind the violin; going into its history, its manufacture, discovering the composers and musicians who play it, and learn how it is played."

Violin from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A really good starting place for an abundance of information about the violin. This reference includes links to related subjects. While you're there, you can also search for any other type of stringed instrument that interests you.

Other Reference Material

Baxters Database of Violin & Bow Makers

Offers a downloadable database containing thousands of violin makers past and present.



"...everything for building and repairing stringed instruments." Includes books, kits, parts, accessories, etc.

Stradivarius Violins - How Genuine?

" might find an incredibly valuable Strad yourself - hidden away in your attic or basement or perhaps at a yard sale down the block."

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